A Tuesday Night Paddle trip that isn't on a Tuesday

Annual TNP Christmas Party

12/04/2010 18:00
12/04/2010 21:00

Once again, the annual TNP Christmas Party will be held at:

Lyme Tavern, Saturday, December 4, 2010, 6:00PM.

Once again we'll be down by the kitchen with the big screen TV's available to us. He'll have a DVD player for us to use as well.

Same plan as in the past: order from the menu.

Directions from Google

Four Mile River

07/17/2010 10:00
07/17/2010 16:00

Great launch for several destinations. Pattagansett Marsh or Hatchett's Reef are the big two.

Picnic afterwards at Pete and Donna's. 33 Niantic River Road, Waterford. Watch for more details on the homepage.

Sachuest, RI

07/24/2010 10:30
07/24/2010 16:30

**Tentative paddle**

Depends on interest.

Great location for birding. Some rock gardens to experience. Rocky shoreline and can be windy. Check weather forecast and plan with others. Located at eastern side of Newport.

Barn Island

07/10/2010 10:00
07/10/2010 16:00

ConnYak will be launching at this site also. It'll be a joint club paddle, just not by design. Destination TBD, along with ConnYak members

Stonington Small Boat Association

07/03/2010 10:00
07/03/2010 16:00

Destination TBD (Napatree, Watch Hill, Sandy Point, Fishers Island) Lots of boaters (power, sail) to be expected.

2010 WoodenBoat Show at Mystic Seaport, June 25 - 27

06/25/2010 09:00
06/27/2010 17:00

Come see the beautiful boats at the 19th annual WoodenBoat Show at the Mystic Seaport. This Friday through Sunday. Lots of big boats in the water and plenty of smaller boats in and out of the water (including kayaks and canoes) to see as well.

Great Event!

For more info, check out www.mysticseaport.org

Look under "calendar of events"

Esker Point

05/29/2010 10:00
05/29/2010 16:00

Esker Point, Groton

Stonington Small Boat Association

05/22/2010 10:00
05/22/2010 16:00

Destination TBD

Great Island

05/15/2010 10:00
05/15/2010 16:00

Destination TBD

Four Mile River

05/08/2010 10:30
05/08/2010 16:00

Destination TBD

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