Favorite Food

* Pete's Cookies\n* Rusty's Hot Dogs\n* Tom's KFC\n* Robin's Soup\n* Nick's Pasta Salad\n* Stan's Shrimp\n* Doug's Melon Balls\n* Kate's Guinness\n* Pat's Chunks of Bambi\n

Member Profiles

When you register you have the opportunity to add some personal information. Some of this will show up in the members list and it will also show up when people click on your name from the list.

To edit this information you must first be logged in, then click on "My account" from the menu on the left. You will see a page with your account information including "Personal Info". Above that you will see a link to "Edit" (next to "View"). Click on "Edit".

Launch Sites

Kayak launching sites:
These are the sites we typically launch from. Most of these sites are usable for launching kayaks at any time. All launch sites are in Connecticut unless otherwise noted.

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