Quiambaug Cove

09/01/2009 18:00

Destination TBD

Stonington SBA

09/08/2009 18:00
09/08/2009 22:00

Destination TBD

Eastern Point Beach

09/15/2009 18:00
09/15/2009 22:00

Destination TBD

BayBerry Lane

09/22/2009 18:00
09/22/2009 22:00

Destination TBD

Esker Point Beach

09/29/2009 18:00
09/29/2009 22:00

Destination TBD

Mystic Community Center YMCA

10/06/2009 18:00
10/06/2009 22:00

Destination TBD

Barn Island

10/13/2009 18:00
10/13/2009 22:00

Destination TBD

Esker Point Beach

10/27/2009 18:00
10/27/2009 22:00

Destination Bar Harbor, Maine :)

Pre-Season Preparations

Despite the piles of fresh snow, it is a fact that the Tuesday Night Paddler's season is fast approaching. It is time to start thinking about where we will paddle this year. The schedule is now in the works. If you have any suggestions, please post your comments at http://tnp.kayakforum.com/newsletter/09/pre-season-preparations. (in order to post comments on the website you must log in at: http://tnp.kayakforum.com/user) Any other ideas or suggestions you may have are also welcome.

Christmas Party

12/06/2008 18:00
12/06/2008 22:00

This year's Christmas party shall be held at the (S)Lyme Tavern.

The place is centrally located, has decent food and has been very accommodating (we can bring DVD's, they supply the DVD player and TV) to us in the past.

A phone call to "reserve" the far end (enough for 30+) will be made soon, depending on responses. Thanks.


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