Great Island

06/02/2015 18:00
06/02/2015 20:00

Destination TBD

Barn Island

05/26/2015 18:00
05/26/2015 20:00

Destination TBD

Eastern Point

05/19/2015 18:00
05/19/2015 20:00

Destination TBD


05/12/2015 18:00
05/12/2015 20:00

Destination TBD


05/05/2015 18:00
05/05/2015 20:00

Destination TBD


04/28/2015 18:00
04/28/2015 20:00

Destination TBD

The water will still be cold. Dress for immersion.

Esker Point - First paddle of the season

04/21/2015 18:00
04/21/2015 20:00

Destination TBD

Welcome back to paddling on Tuesday Nights. The ski season is over and it's time to paddle. The water is pretty cold. If you have a drysuit or even a wetsuit (suitable for kayaking), you may want to consider using it (dress for immersion).

Paddler's Party at Lyme Tavern December 13

Saturday, December 13 we will once again we will be gathering at Lyme Tavern for our annual Winter/Holiday/No-Excuse-Needed party.

Paddler's Party at Lyme Tavern

12/13/2014 18:00

Cocktails and socializing at 6:00 pm, dinner at 6:30 with more cocktails and socializing. We have requested they do not set up the tables but leave as is, that is four chairs to a table, that way we can move around, and get to talk to more people, and not crawl over one another. Everyone will order off the menu as always, paying their own check. There are several TVs in the room now, not the large one in the front of the room. If some anyone would like to bring their photos, videos, or demos, their choice.

(across Route 156 and to the east of the entrance to Rocky Neck State Park).

Schedule Change. Sept. 9 to Baldwin Bridge

There was no swallow paddle scheduled this year so we are swapping the launch from Great Island on Sept 9th. and making it from Baldwin Bridge on that same day. Please pass the word.

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