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New stuff on the website

Hi TNP'ers,

There's a nice event on Friday evening in Chester that we think people might be interested in, so we've posted information about it on the TNP website.

The Tuesday Night Paddle Schedule Has Been Posted

After much deliberation the schedule for the coming season has been decided on. It is available at

We have only scheduled paddles for Tuesdays. If you would like to do a trip on a Saturday or any other day you can post your idea at or discuss on any Tuesday night to get other people to join you.

See you on the water.

Pre-Season Preparations

Despite the piles of fresh snow, it is a fact that the Tuesday Night Paddler's season is fast approaching. It is time to start thinking about where we will paddle this year. The schedule is now in the works. If you have any suggestions, please post your comments at (in order to post comments on the website you must log in at: Any other ideas or suggestions you may have are also welcome.

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