Esker Point 5PM!

09/08/2020 17:00

The 5:00 launch time is on-the-water, please allow enough time to get yourself ready.

As always we are dependent on each other for our safety on the water and off. Since COVID is still lurking around in some places, please be respectful of the various ages and health conditions of the other paddlers by following the guidelines below.

1. Everyone to wear masks while loading and unloading,
2. Please maintain physical distance in the loading and unloading time at launch. If you need help getting your kayak on and off your vehicle please stay at opposite ends of the kayak.
3. Please get into the water when fully loaded and waiting for others to be ready from the water, so that the launch area remains less crowded.
4. Bring Your Own Dinner for after the paddle, There will be no potluck or sharing. Bring something to sit on if you have it.

See you on the water.